You Could Pay Up to $270 in Hidden Fees Flying

Budget flights can make a quick European holiday more affordable, but they may charge more.

TradingPedia examined numerous U.K.-bound flights to determine if low-cost carriers are the cheapest after surcharges.

You can add carry-on baggage, checked bags, seat selection, online booking convenience fees, and more.

"Fair enough, these costs are disclosed on each screen of the airline's websites when you book online. These fees are not applied to the rate

in advertisements or special offers and are only revealed during the flight booking process "TradingPedia blogged. 

For this comparison, we looked at fares marketed as 'value,' 'budget' or 'standard' rather than more expensive ones."

Ryanair has the highest fees, charging passengers almost $270 for a flight. (The airline lets passengers bring a small bag under the seat 

The survey revealed Vueling had the second-highest hidden surcharges after Ryanair, at $262. Wizz Air from Hungary and easyJet from the UK followed 

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