Try These 40 Age Old Housekeeping Secrets

If your flowers are looking drab, this hack will invigorate them. To revive them, plunge them into hot water.

Hot Water Revives Flowers

Bottle interiors are notoriously difficult to clean, but sand and water can help. Shaking the abrasive mixture cleans those hard-to-reach places.

Bottles Cleaned With Sand And Water

Stacking glasses saves space, but they can break if stuck. Putting the upper glass in ice-cold water and the lower glass in warm water is the easiest old-fashioned solution.

Water Separates Glass Tumblers

We now know Grandma was right to tell us to make our bed as soon as we get up to start the day. Did you know that airing out your blankets decreases bedware bacteria?

Make Your Bed Daily

Since we have our own house, our grandma's advice to "look after the corners and the room will look after itself" rings true.

Watch The Corners

Grandma would replace the furniture at any excuse, so our granddad would often hit his shins on a new coffee table. We can now observe the benefits

Try Rearranging Furniture

Our grandma's cleaning goods are probably in a big-handled caddy under her kitchen or utility room sink. Simple storage makes home duties faster and easier.

Use Caddies Always

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