The Most Difficult Dog Breeds To Train

Beagles are great hunters but difficult to train since they are scent-focused and genetically inclined to follow scent traces. Without training, they bark and chase. 


Bred to survive Louisiana wetlands, these dogs protected against wild pigs. Too much alone time can make them hostile and destructive.

Catahoula Leopard Dog

Siberian huskies are autonomous thinkers, making traditional training methods less effective. Without activity, they bark, dig, and run away.

Siberian Husky

Afghan Hounds are beautiful with their exquisite snouts and lengthy fur. This dog's aloofness makes teaching difficult. They may not obey, but they are loyal.

Afghan Hound

This powerful, little fox hunter was bred. Their intense prey drive makes them one of the hardest canines to teach.

Jack Russell Terrier

China has bred Chow Chows for decades, earning their royal canine status. However, their resistance makes training difficult. Maybe their royal blood? 

Chow Chow

Hunting canines like bloodhounds have keen senses of scent. However, their instincts and independence can make teaching difficult.


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