Terrifying Fistfight Erupts Between Passengers On Southwest

This is the horrifying moment when a vicious brawl broke out on board an airplane in the middle of the sky, leaving terrified passengers screaming.

According to The Sun, a fight was caught on camera between a man wearing a baseball cap and another man wearing a black jacket on a flight

on the low-cost airline Southwest Airlines in the United States. The incident took place in the aisle of the aircraft.

It is then possible to hear other passengers successfully separate the two men who were fighting while shouts of "stop it" and "let go of him" can be heard.

But just as they are beginning to believe that things have returned to normal, the man wearing the baseball cap

throws one more punch while a bystander yells at him, "Do not hit him again!" Hold still," just as the video clip comes to a conclusion.

In another video tape taken inside the cabin, the man wearing the cap can be heard explaining his point of view 

of what took place while yelling, "I'm telling everybody what happened. He made an aggressive move toward me while he was with my family.

After that, he gestures toward the one wearing the black jacket and says, "Tell them what occurred. Inform them of what you have done.

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