Taking an Ice Bath Can Help You Burn Body Fat

Have you ever taken an ice bath? You may be wondering, "Why the heck would I subject myself to such a brutally chilling experience?"

This treatment also helps athletes' sore muscles. This outstanding list gains another benefit from recent research: Use an ice bath to burn fat.

You've probably seen or read about your favorite athletes and wellness influencers trying cold water/ice bathing. After reviewing 104 papers on

cold-water immersion (CWI), the International Journal of Circumpolar Health concluded that the hype is real for fat loss. The study authors 

suggest taking a cold dip to lower your diabetes risk. CWI appears to increase "adiponectin," an adipose tissue hormone.

"If these stresses [from cold water exposure] are repeated over time and we can recover and adapt, our physiology will be more resilient,

and we may have lower levels of background inflammation (which occurs when we are sedentary, eating poorly, or have excess body fat),"

According to Healthline, Dr. James B. Mercer, one of the study authors and a professor at UIT—The Arctic University of Norway, cold water

exposure can burn calories, reduce stress, boost your immune system, boost your metabolism, alleviate depression, reduce inflammation and pain,

Cold water immersion affects circulation, heart rate, and blood pressure, which might stress your heart. 

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