See the Median Salary of Americans Your Age in Every State

In Alabama, the median middle-age household income is $61,492, while in Alaska, it's significantly higher at $87,672.

California and Colorado boast even higher median incomes for this age group, at $94,338 and $95,010, respectively.

On the higher end, Connecticut's median middle-age household income stands at $97,481, and Hawaii closely follows with $97,506.

These figures highlight how geographic location plays a crucial role in determining income levels.

Additionally, the overall trend suggests that median incomes generally increase with age, peaking during middle age before gradually declining as individuals transition into retirement.

The data also shows the diversity in income across the United States. For example, some states like Maryland have a particularly high median household income

reaching $108,200 in 2022. Meanwhile, other states such as Mississippi have much lower median incomes, with figures around $48,610.

This variation underscores the economic disparities across different regions of the country, influenced by factors such as the local cost of living

It's important for individuals to consider these factors when evaluating their salary relative to their age and location.

The median salary for Americans varies significantly by age and state. For middle-aged Americans (ages 45-64), median household incomes can range widely depending on where they live.

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