Refresh Your Home With These Summer Decor Ideas

Swap out heavy textiles for light and airy fabrics. Linen curtains, cotton throw pillows, and sheer fabrics can add a breezy feel to your rooms.

Light And Airy Fabrics

Introduce vibrant colors and playful patterns. Think sunny yellows, ocean blues, and lush greens in cushions, rugs, and art.

Bright Colors And Patterns

Add a variety of green plants and fresh flowers to bring life and freshness indoors. Consider low-maintenance indoor plants or seasonal blooms.

Indoor Plants And Flowers

Make the most of outdoor spaces with comfortable seating, outdoor rugs, and string lights for a cozy evening ambiance.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Use candles, diffusers, or room sprays with fresh scents like citrus, linen, and ocean breeze to enhance the summer vibe.

Refreshing Scents

Add natural elements like rattan, bamboo, and light wood in furniture and decor items for a relaxed, earthy feel.

Natural Elements

Keep windows unobstructed to allow as much natural light as possible. Use mirrors to reflect light and make spaces feel larger and brighter.

Maximize Natural Light

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