Popeyes' New Sweet 'N Spicy Wings Are Here!

Football fans have more than just the season to look forward to this year. Popeyes is introducing Sweet 'N Spicy Wings a limited time during football season.

A sweet marinade made from ginger, chili, and garlic makes this new wings taste available in-store and online for a limited time.

These wings are released just in time for another huge holiday and football season. The Sweet 'N Spicy Wings taste was created to celebrate the unexpected National Grandmothers Day. 

This national holiday falls on October 8. Popeyes created its new sweet-and-spicy wing flavor for your "sweet and spicy Southern grandma," according to a news release.

Six Sweet 'N Spicy Wings start at $5.99 at participating Popeyes if this sounds appealing. The new meal matches the chain's "girl dinner" menu.

Popeyes knows that wings are a traditional football snack. But we don't know whether it's the ideal National Grandmothers Day snack.

Starting September 25, Popeyes restaurants in New York, New Orleans, and Los Angeles will give out greeting cards to Southern grandmas in recognition of that special day.

Popeyes will provide free delivery on app orders of $15 or more through September 10 in addition to the new wings deal and special cards.

Fans are warmly reacting to the new wing flavor news. One Redditor wondered how the new sauce would compare to the chain's Sweet Heat Wing sauce.

Another consumer mentioned they'd want to compare the new product. Finally, one admirer said they always welcome new Popeyes products.

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