Love McDonald's McFlurry Spoons? 

A McDonald's McFlurry hunger may last forever, but the manner we eat them will change. The chain is eliminating the hollow spoon, a key McFlurry ingredient. 

"This small change will help reduce single-use plastic waste in restaurants—while giving customers the same delicious McFlurry they know and love,"

Your McFlurry will now come with a smaller black spoon that utilizes less plastic instead of the straw-like spoon, which is hollow since it serves as a

soft serve machine spindle. You've seen it in McDonald's sundaes. The modification supports the chain's 2018 greenhouse gas emission reduction strategy.

"In 1995, a Flurry International employee invented the McFlurry spoon," the eatery said. Since then, the McFlurry spoon has become a dessert symbol!"

While some may be thrilled by the spoon flip news, others may not be. The X user wrote, "No! I keep them. They are useful when buying a pint of cream

Black plastic is non-recyclable. Another participant suggested replacing all containers with recyclable ones "to take the next steps. 

Naturally, getting a McFlurry with a smaller, greener spoon isn't always easy. One social media user joked, "In related news, the ice cream machine used 

to make the McFlurry will continue to be out of order 6 days a week."

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