If Your School Still Had These 10 Things, You Might Officially Be Old

Chalkboards: Replaced largely by whiteboards or digital smart boards, the classic green or black chalkboards were once a staple in every classroom.

Labrador Retriever: One of the most popular breeds in the world, Labs are friendly, devoted, and eager to please, making them loyal companions.

Clunky Desktop Computers: The old, bulky desktop computers with large CRT monitors are a thing of the past, replaced by sleek laptops and tablets.

Cassette Tape Players: Used for listening to audio lessons or music, cassette players have been replaced by digital audio devices and streaming services.

Card Catalogs in the Library: Before digital databases, students used physical card catalogs to find books in the library.

Rolodexes for Contacts: Before digital contact management systems, teachers and staff might have used a Rolodex to keep track of important contacts.

Physical Attendance Registers: Manual attendance registers have largely been replaced by digital systems for tracking student attendance.

Filmstrip Projectors: Once a common technology for educational films, these have been replaced by video streaming and DVDs.

Typewriters: Before computers, typewriters were used for typing documents. Now they're considered vintage or antiquated.

Encyclopedias and Physical Reference Books: While still found in some schools, the vast use of the internet and online databases has reduced the reliance on physical reference books.

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