How To Sport Pixie Hairstyle For Different Face Shapes?

Opt for a pixie cut with layers and volume on top to add height. Avoid styles that are too short on the sides, as they can make your face appear rounder. 

1. Round Face

Lucky you! An oval face shape can pull off various pixie styles. Experiment with different lengths and textures to find what suits your personal style.

2. Oval Face

Soften the angles of a square face with a pixie cut that has wispy, textured layers. Consider side-swept bangs or longer pieces around the ears to add softness.

3. Square Face

Heart-shaped faces can pull off a pixie cut beautifully. Opt for a cut that has volume and texture at the crown, which can balance out the wider forehead.

4. Heart-Shaped Face

Go for a pixie cut that adds width at the sides to balance out the length of your face. Consider a cut with textured layers and avoid styles that are too flat on top.

5. Long Face

A pixie cut with soft, wispy bangs or layers can complement a diamond-shaped face. Avoid excessive volume at the crown, as it can accentuate the width of your cheekbones.

6. Diamond Face

With a pear-shaped face, focus on adding volume and width at the crown to balance out the narrower jawline. Opt for a pixie cut with texture and volume on top.

7. Pear-Shaped Face

Consider a pixie cut that has volume at the sides to add width and balance to your oblong face shape. Avoid styles that are too flat on top.

8. Oblong Face

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