Halloween-Themed Ice Cream Is Coming Back After a Two-Year 

"Tis the season," say The Zombies. Halloween through Christmas brings tricks, treats, and Thanksgiving desserts. Your favorite desserts and 

seasonal products will return to restaurants and grocery stores throughout the holidays. In September,

Costco began carrying their fall bakery offerings, including Halloween-themed hot cocoa bombs.

This raises the question: what more Halloween food creations are coming? One prominent ice cream brand can answer that. Dippin' Dots

 has been around since, but its Halloween-themed Spookies 'N Cream flavor is new. The brand is bringing it back to its menu to make ghouls and goblins wow.

Chew Boom reports that Dippin' Dots is bringing back this Halloween treat after two years. The 2022 season's ice cream is limited-time only. 

The Dippin' Dots website describes the flavor as a colorful take on Cookies 'N Cream with orange-colored vanilla ice cream and Oreo cookie chunks.

The snack can be ordered online or found at select Dippin' Dots shops. Along with Spookies 'N Cream, Dippin' Dots has a'spooktacular' online

deal through October 31. 'hallo13' saves 13% on orders. We don't know you, but Ultimate Brownie Batter ice cream is beckoning us.

You may find your favorite Halloween candies in Dairy Queen's fall blizzards, too. This Halloween, Reese's Take Five and Snickers Brownie Blizzard

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