Everyone Is Making This "10/10" Trader Joe's Pizza

Trader Joe's sold out of its kimbap a few weeks ago, but now its fan-made pizza recipe is a "10/10."

This spicy pizza recipe uses only Trader Joe's items. As fans imitate and praise the pie on TikTok, it has grown in popularity in recent weeks. 

However, the craze began in September 2022 when TikTok creator and nutritionist Blair Cooley (@blaircooleydietician) posted a pizza recipe video

Cooley presses Trader Joe's pre-made Garlic & Herb Pizza Dough into an oiled glass pan in the video. Cooley uses the retailer's Garlic Spread Dip, 

Italian Bomba Hot Pepper Sauce, torn burrata, and half-marinated mozzarella balls instead of pizza sauce. Cooley tops the cheeses with 

Trader Joe's Spicy Uncured Charcuterie Collection meats and Fire Roasted Red Peppers. She adds fresh arugula, balsamic glaze, marinated mozzarella ball oil

The result? According to Cooley, a "perfect" pizza is doughy inside and crispy outside. Other creators who've copied and sampled the pizza

The dietician in me wants to teach people that making excellent food at home isn't dull. Because you make it precisely as you want it, it's fun and 

usually tastes better than what you get out "Cooley remarked. Pizza is easy to make and has unlimited topping options