Everyone Hates These 10 Disgusting Foods

Known for its strong odor, durian is a fruit that divides opinions. Its smell, often described as a mix of gym socks and rotten onions, can be off-putting to many.


A popular street food in some Southeast Asian countries, balut is a fertilized duck egg with a partially developed embryo inside. The texture and appearance of the partially formed duckling can be challenging for some to stomach.


Hailing from Sweden, surstromming is fermented Baltic sea herring. The intense smell, reminiscent of rotten fish, can make it unpalatable for many.


Natto is a traditional Japanese dish made from fermented soybeans. It has a strong, pungent smell and a slimy texture that can be an acquired taste.


Considered a delicacy in Iceland, hákarl is fermented shark meat. The meat undergoes a lengthy fermentation process, resulting in a strong ammonia smell and an overpowering taste.


Also known as a preserved egg or thousand-year-old egg, the century egg is a Chinese delicacy made by preserving eggs in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, quicklime, and rice straw. The resulting egg has a jelly-like texture and a strong, sulfurous taste.

Century Egg

A spread popular in Australia, Vegemite is made from yeast extract. Its extremely salty and bitter flavor can be an acquired taste and is often divisive among those who try it.


Despite its misleading name, head cheese is not a cheese at all. It is a cold cut made from the flesh of a pig's head or other animal parts, often including ears, snout, and tongue. The texture and appearance can be off-putting for some.

Head Cheese