8 Things That Have Lost Favor With People as They Age

"Driving," someone said. I used to drive to do fun things like pick up my friends, go places I wanted to go, or just drive around at night and enjoy the air.

1. Driving

I used to be a social butterfly, but now I have to talk myself into getting the things I need and going to work," someone said.

2. Leaving The House

Shopping for anything, even food. Used to be, shopping was fun. "Now it's a bother," said one. 

3. Shopping

“Alcohol. It’s getting harder for me to bounce back on Sunday Fundays. So much so that I moved them to Saturday,” one stated.

4. Drinking Alcohol

5. Doing All The Right Things With a Moving Goalpost

6. Losing Interest in Things You Love

Someone said, "It seems like time is going by much faster than it did when I was a child." "This is the right response. I am 53.

7. How Fast Time Passes

One shared, “Loud places. Like bars and parties and stuff like that.” “I don’t understand pubs that can’t decide if they want to be a club or a pub,” another expressed.

8. Loud Environments