Dog breeds With Odd Traits

This dog was bred to hunt, but that's not so unexpected. The breed was employed to catch jaguars, therefore these dogs are protective of their owners and mistrustful of strangers.

Brazilian Mastiff

Mudi is a Hungarian breed. These dogs are fast and furry. Some are black, whereas others have marble-like gray fur.


The 19th-century English bull terrier was bred to battle. Although its egg-shaped skull seems frightening, this breed is timid and kind. They make good family dogs.

Bull Terrier 

With its thick curly coat, the Italian Lagotto romagnolo was designed to hunt ducks.

Lagotto Romagnolo 

You're not barking up the wrong tree if this dog's cry is worse than hype. You won't believe the New Guinea singing dog's odd calls until you hear them!

New Guinea Singing Dog 

British otterhounds were once used for hunting. They smell well and have lengthy fur.


The fundamental trait of this Italian dog breed is obvious. The slobbery and wrinkled exterior hides a welcoming personality.

Neapolitan Mastiff

The little Affenpinscher was bred to hunt rats. It may be one of the least odd-looking dogs in this gallery, yet it's commonly compared to 'Star Wars' Ewoks.


Thai primitives were bred to hunt and pull carts. The ridge of forward-growing hair on their backs and difficulty training make them special.

Thai Ridgeback

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