10 Bombshell Women’s Haircuts for Round Faces

When someone has a round face, the width is almost the same as the height, and the forehead and jawline don't have many curves. When a woman has full cheeks, this makes her face look a bit flattened out or even fat. 

Ginnifer Goodwin is a pixie icon for girls with round faces, but she's not the only one. Miranda Kerr sometimes wears bobs, and Adele has short hair that frames her round, fat face.

Chic Short Hair for Round Face

A mid-length haircut that falls along the cheeks is best for people with round faces. This is because the layers can make the haircut look great.

Hot Medium Cuts for Round-Faced Girls

It probably won't come as a surprise that layering is your favorite way to style longer hair. The length of your hair can make your face look small, but it often lacks lift and movement. Layers can add these things. 

Modern Long Hairdos to Hide the Roundness

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Whichever face shape you have, it’s a good idea to factor in your hair type, since shape and texture work together for creating a look.

Picking Hip Haircuts by Hair Type

As was already said, if they are styled properly, both the chin-length bob and its longer version look good on round faces.

Cool Bob Haircuts for Round Faces