9 Surprising Sources Of Fruit And Veg That Actually Count Towards Your 5 A Day

Beans are a double whammy of health; not only do they contain tomato sauce, they're made from haricot beans, and pulses like this count as one of your 5-a-day.

Baked Beans

Tomato puree makes a great base for sauces, soups and stews, so is an easy way to up your intake.

Tomato Puree

The humble chickpea is another surprising 5-a-day bonus, although this is before you've whizzed them with heaps of oil or deep-fried them, obviously.


Beansprouts are great in stir fries, as well as adding texture and crunch to a huge range of dishes. They're also a great source of many nutrients like vitamin C and fibre


Olives are often one people forget about but are a nice, tasty way to work towards that 5-a-day


To make your own finely chop up some sweet potato, parsnip, and beetroot, and bake on a low heat until dry.

Vegetable Crisps

Fresh and dried mushrooms are a great way to eat more veg – why not chop them into your bolognese or have them as a side to your scrambled eggs


sweet potatoes have a lower starch content than their white counterparts, and are a source of several nutrients including vitamin A and vitamin C.

Sweet Potatoes

With the sound of sandwich lovers rejoicing everywhere, you can also go open sandwich vibes and add the ingredients to a slice of toast.


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