9 Points of Unity Between Boomers and Today’s Youth Revealed

As cars have become more technologically advanced, knobs and buttons have been replaced by sleek touchscreens.

Touchscreens in Cars

Imagine that you want to learn more about a business you don't know much about. You try to find their website online, but all that comes up is a social media site. 

Businesses Not Having a Real Website

In an effort to reduce costs, many companies have replaced people with chat bots in their customer service centers.

Human Customer Service

Sticking with the real, tangible experience, something Boomers complain about that others agree with is the shift away from paper books and movies and music on disc.

Books, Movies & Music You Can Touch

One commenter thinks not, saying “Not everything needs to connect to the internet or have an app attached to it.

Not Everything Needs to Connect to the Internet

Boomers do. And they aren’t the only ones who think we need fewer usernames and passwords.

Usernames and Passwords

No, we don’t mean scary, sad or depressing TV shows. People agree with Boomers that TV shows seem to be getting too hard to see.

Dark TV Shows

There’s a downside to all that cheap clothing – it doesn’t last as long, it doesn’t feel as good, and it ends up in massive junk piles all over the world.

Fast Fashion

This gripe actually extends beyond pictures of just food to the pervasive phenomenon of documenting absolutely everything.

Taking Pictures of Your Food