8 Fascinating Facts About The Dog-Like Manx Cat

Manx Cats Are More Like Dogs: These cats are known for their dog-like loyalty and playfulness.

 They're From the Isle of Man: The Isle of Man off Britain's coast is where this breed originated.

 Have Long or Short Coats: Some Manx cats are born with lengthy coats, but most are short.

 They Become Extremely Attached: The average Manx cat forms a strong connection with at least one member of the family.

They're Good Jumpers: Manx cats jump well. Their quickness is unmatched, surprising newcomers.

They're Intelligent: Manx cats are highly intelligent animals and are known for their ability to be trained.

They Usually Don't Have a Tail: Naturally, the Manx's tail—or lack thereof—sets it apart from other cats.

The Tailless Manx Has a Nickname: A fully tailless Manx is termed a "rumpy," whereas cats with the next best stub-length tail are called rumpy risers.

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