7 Must Eat Fermented Foods For A Healthy Gut

A probiotic-rich food, yogurt supports gut health with its live cultures. It aids digestion and is best consumed in unsweetened, plain forms.


A fermented dairy drink, kefir is thinner than yogurt and packed with probiotics, aiding in gut health and digestion.


Fermented cabbage rich in probiotics, vitamins C and B. Choose raw, unpasteurized sauerkraut for maximum gut health benefits.


A spicy Korean dish made from fermented cabbage and radishes. Offers probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and fiber for digestive health.


A Japanese seasoning made by fermenting soybeans. Rich in essential minerals, B vitamins, E, K, and folic acid, beneficial for gut health.


An Indonesian soy product, tempeh is fermented, making it a digestible, protein-rich, and vitamin-packed food for gut health.


A fermented tea containing probiotic bacteria. It's made with bacteria, yeast, and sugar added to tea, promoting gut health.