5 alternative viewpoints for a million-dollar view NYC

Most visitors find Edge thrilling enough, but the open-air, cantilevered ‘sky deck’ on the 100th level of 30 Hudson Yards offers a view not available at

the city's other towers, which are surrounded by other structures. The highest outdoor observation deck in the western hemisphere is 1,100ft. 

Most visitors to the Metropolitan Museum of Art come to see its amazing treasures, especially the latest Van Gogh or Lagerfeld display. The rooftop Cantor Garden,

accessible by lift near a Fabergé egg display on the first floor, offers equally stunning views. The crowds thin here, and those who make it feel like

they found something special. Most skip the outdoor bar and temporary art exhibits and proceed to the garden's beautifully clipped box hedges

The Staten Island Ferry is the greatest way to see the Statue of Liberty without a tour. Even better, riding is free. The orange boat leaves Battery

By a multilane state highway, the Hudson River piers may seem unattractive to visitors from Chelsea and Greenwich in west Manhattan. 

Try Red Hook if you've seen New York from all angles. This neighborhood is recovering after decades of degradation on Brooklyn's southern waterfront.

Old warehouses and industrial buildings are becoming art galleries, BBQ restaurants, and whisky distilleries. A walk around the harbor to see the Statue

Strong Rope brewery's picnic tables serve IPAs, while Red Hook Winery's pier serves rieslings.

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