12 Things Boomers Wished Were Still Be Around

Boomers talk about how great it was when vinyl records were the best way to listen to music. 

1. Record Players

Boomers remember drive-in movies as a fun part of their life that they will never forget.

2. Drive-in Theaters

Boomers remember the encyclopedias that sat on their desks and gave them access to a wealth of information.

3. Encyclopedias

Boomers recall the days when typewriters were a ubiquitous tool for writing and communication.

4. Typewriters

They talk about how, on a road trip, they would spread out a map and carefully mark their route with a marker or pen. 

5. Paper Maps

Boomers wax nostalgic about waking up early on Saturday mornings to catch their favorite cartoons.

6. Saturday Morning Cartoons

They remember how carefully they had to dial each number and how good it felt to hear the dial click back into place. 

7. Rotary Phones

Boomers talk about how good it was to write letters by hand and how personal they felt.

8. Handwritten Letters

Boomers fondly remember the instant gratification of taking photos with Polaroid cameras.

9. Polaroid Cameras

Boomers talk a lot about how important family dinner time was, when everyone gathered around the table to eat and talk about important things.

10. Family Dinner Time

 They remembered spending hours looking through the shelves, finding new books, and loving the quiet environment. 

11. Public Libraries

Boomers love hand-written recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. 

12. Handwritten Recipes