10 Items You Shouldn't Store in Your Car

The majority of us use our vehicles as additional storage space, but certain items should never be kept there. Let's look at ten items that should never be kept in a vehicle.

Things To Not Keep In Car

Leaving perishable food in your vehicle can result in spoilage, unpleasant aromas, and food poisoning.

1. Perishable Food

Extreme temperatures can cause damage to electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

2. Electronics

The chemical structure of medications can be altered by heat, rendering them ineffective or even hazardous.

3. Medication

If aerosol cans or other flammable objects become too hot, they may ignite.

4. Flammable Items

Personal documents such as your passport and social security card are susceptible to loss or injury.

5. Important Documents

Heat can cause plastic chemicals to leach into water, making it hazardous to consume.

6. Plastic Water Bottles

Never leave pets or plants in a hot or chilly vehicle, as the consequences can be fatal.

7. Pets and Plants

Ironically, humidity can diminish the effectiveness of sunscreen, making it less effective when it's needed.

8. Sunscreen

Extreme temperatures can distort or destroy instruments, diminishing their playability and tone.

9. Musical Instruments

When wine or alcoholic beverages are exposed to temperature fluctuations, their flavor and quality can degrade.

10. Wine or Liquor