10 Inherited Items Worth More Than You Think

Those kitchen cabinets might have money in them! People love to buy cookware that has been used for many years. Look for plates like Pyrex and Fire-King.

1. Cookware

From buildings to side tables, midcentury style is all the rage right now. If you got a bunch of MidMod (midcentury modern) furniture as a gift, you're in for a pleasant treat.

2. Midcentury Furniture

I've seen people go straight to the garage or basement workshop when they need tools. 

3. Vintage tools

Everything from the past is now cool. Bakelite was an early type of plastic that was used to make rotary phones. These phones are very valuable to collectors.

4. Old phones

By 2027, the global market for used clothing is expected to be worth $350 billion, according to an online consignment and thrift shop.

5. Retro clothing

Pieces from the 1960s and 1970s are much better made and last much longer. People are starting to notice, and they are ready to "fork over" more money for better goods.

6. Stainless steel flatware

Selling glasses frames that look like they came from the past has become a niche for companies like Warby Parker. But there are a lot of people who want really old glasses.

7. Old eyeglasses

Virginia, there is a Santa Claus for people who gather Christmas decorations. Shiny Brite's German-made vintage glass trinkets sell well all year long.

8. Vintage Christmas decorations

Over the years, many older people have gathered art that has been in their families for many years. 

9. Original artwork

Even if you don't have one of the rarest songs ever, you could still make a lot of money by selling it.

10. Vintage vinyl