10 Green Flags To Watch Out For During A First Date

Good Communication: They listen attentively, respond thoughtfully, and engage in meaningful conversation without dominating it.

Respectful Behavior: They show respect to everyone around, including service staff, indicating kindness and good manners.

Punctuality: Arriving on time or informing you if they'll be late shows they respect your time and are considerate.

Shows Genuine Interest: They ask questions about your life, interests, and opinions, showing they are genuinely interested in getting to know you.

Appropriate Boundaries: They respect your personal space and boundaries, and don't push for too much intimacy too soon.

Positive Attitude: A generally positive and optimistic outlook during the date can indicate emotional health and maturity.

Shared Values and Interests: Discovering shared values, goals, or interests suggests a foundation for a compatible relationship.

Sense of Humor Compatibility: Sharing laughs and finding similar things funny can be a sign of compatible personalities.

Comfortable Silences: Being comfortable in silence indicates a level of comfort and lack of pressure in the interaction.

Honesty and Transparency: They come across as open and honest, rather than trying to impress you with exaggerations or falsehoods.

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