10 Dumb Rules That People Actually Follow Today

No Walking on the Grass Signs: In public spaces or institutions, these signs can seem excessive, especially in large, open areas where walking on the grass would do little harm and could actually shorten distances.

Zero Tolerance Policies in Schools: While intended to maintain discipline, zero tolerance policies can sometimes lead to absurd outcomes

Office Dress Codes That Require Suits in Hot Weather: Strict dress codes that don't take into account extreme weather conditions can be seen as unreasonable

Prohibitions Against Collecting Rainwater: In some areas, laws restrict the collection of rainwater

Banning the Use of Electronic Devices Before Takeoff and Landing on Planes: Although safety is the priority, the rule often puzzles passengers

Jaywalking Laws in Pedestrian-friendly Areas: While jaywalking laws are meant to protect pedestrians, in some pedestrian-dominant areas

HOA Restrictions on Home Colors or Holiday Decorations: Homeowner associations (HOAs) can have incredibly specific

Laws Against Feeding the Homeless in Certain Public Spaces: Some cities have ordinances that make it illegal to feed homeless people in public spaces

Outdated Liquor Laws: Laws that restrict the sale of alcohol on Sundays or at certain times can seem outdated

Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Non-Violent Offenses: These laws require judges to impose fixed sentences for certain crimes

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