10 Cheapest Ferrets To Have as Pets

Standard Ferret (Mustela putorius furo): Standard ferrets, also known as domestic ferrets, are the most common and widely available type of ferret.

Sable Ferret: Sable ferrets are one of the most common color variations among domestic ferrets and are often more readily available at lower prices.

Albino Ferret: Albino ferrets, with their white fur and pink eyes, are another popular color variation that may be found at relatively affordable prices.

Dark-Eyed White (DEW) Ferret: DEW ferrets have white fur and dark eyes, and they are often priced similarly to other color variations.

Champagne Ferret: Champagne ferrets have a light beige or champagne-colored coat, and they are usually available at moderate prices.

Cinnamon Ferret: Cinnamon ferrets have a warm brown coat with a hint of reddish undertones.

Black-Footed Ferret (Mustela nigripes): While not commonly kept as pets due to their endangered status, black-footed ferrets.

Polecat Ferret: Polecat ferrets, which closely resemble their wild polecat ancestors, may be available at lower prices compared to some specialty color variations.

Standard Hybrid Ferret: Standard hybrid ferrets, which are bred from domestic ferrets and occasionally include some wild lineage.

Rescue Ferret: Adopting a ferret from a rescue organization or animal shelter is often a cost-effective option.