10 90s Insults Boomers Use That Baffle Gen Z

Back when baby boomers were young, people would say this about someone who was too trusting, easy to trick, or didn't have good critical thinking skills. 


If a boomer wanted to tell someone to shut up because they were not important or annoying, they would use this famous term. 

Talk to the Hand

By putting "butt" and "munch" together, this insult makes a funny and slightly insulting word.


The film “Clueless” popularized this phrase. It was a 90s classic used sarcastically to mock or disbelief.

“As If!”

If someone thought someone was shallow or not smart enough, they would call them a "airhead." 


If someone tried to be like a certain group, style, or trend, they would be called a "Wannabe."


A boomer might have called you a dweeb if they thought you were weird, nerdy, or not cool.


 Boomers would say this to put someone down and imply that they weren't a part of the group and couldn't be, so they were considered strangers. 


If you pretend to be someone you're not, you could be called a "Poser." Most people in subcultures like goths, skaters, or punks used this term.


In the 90s, if you were called a “loser,” then it was a way of someone belittling you, suggesting that you’re unsuccessful and inadequate.



Even though Gen Z has a wide range of witty comebacks and vocabulary, some from the baby boomer era leave us scratching our heads.